Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Mini Tote with Wrist Strap

This is a great little tote to accompany you for a Summer outing around town! It can hold all of your essential items as you can see:

It is also great to keep in a larger bag for when you need to run into the store for a few items and don't want to lug around your BIG purse!

The inside has the same fabric as the outside, it is just reversed!

This is the inventory I have for this tote.  You can purchase any one of these for just $12.50.  If you need me to mail one to you, add $3 for shipping and handling. Just shoot me an email!

Garden Butterfly Mini Tote
Green Flower Power Mini Tote
Pink Flower Power Mini Tote
Blue Leafy Forest Mini Tote
Retro Green and Brown Mini Tote

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