Thursday, July 29, 2010

Swimsuit Tote

The idea for this tote had been "swimming" around in my head for a while.  When I began creating it, I was very excited that my idea was being brought to life.  I believe the finished product turned out better than I even imagined it!
This is a great tote to take with you to the pool or the beach.  When you are done swimming, you don't want your wet swimsuit to get the rest of your belongings wet, do you? No, so here is a water proof tote that will keep your wet swimsuit and towel from getting the rest of your stuff wet! Genius, I know :)

Here is a look at the inside which is water proof.

It has a convenient wrist holder so you can still have the use of both hands when packing up the gang to head back home!

This tote is available by order only.  Please give me 7 days from order date to ship/delivery date.  This is the only one I currently have in stock.  However, by ordering a custom tote, you can have it personalized with your name or the name of a loved one.  You can also choose your own colors.

The price of this tote is $30.  If you need it shipped, please add $4 for shipping and handling.
Shoot me an email!!

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